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LOUISVILLE COUNTRY CLUB CDC Social Distancing Guidelines & Best Practices to Follow During the Coronavirus Pandemic
April 2, 2020
In order to comply with the direction given by the CDC on social distancing please see the below recommended guidelines that are to be followed while playing golf Louisville Country Club. Also, the clubhouse and pool are not open for any type of social gathering, party, or other planned function until further notice. In addition, the course will be closed to tournaments ran by Louisville Country Club or outside parties until further notice. -Walk instead of riding a golf cart (If you are able to) -If you are using a cart then ride by yourself and do not share cart with others unless it is a spouse or direct family member. -If you are in a group then stay at least 6 feet away from each other -Do not share clubs, balls, tees, or any other golf equipment -No high fives or fist bumps for good shot -Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer during the round -Take gimmies and do not tap in or putt out short putts which requires you to get the ball out of the hole and touch the flagstick and/or cup. Each individual group can make their own determination before their round on the length of putts to give but be reasonable. -LEAVE THE FLAGSTICK IN AT ALL TIMES. THIS ABSOLUTELY NEEDS TO BE FOLLOWED BY EVERYONE UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE!!!!! Thanks in advance for your efforts to help keep Louisville Country Club a safe, clean facility that everyone can enjoy.
Chet Hailey – LCC President

Member work day scheduled for Saturday, March 21st

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